Your African Safari

Represents a platform where you can book, plan and make arrangements for your African Safari. The client can choose the company and the tour packages. Also, there are reviews, pictures, and opinions from people who already had an experience with African Safari.

  1. Sitemap
  2. Wireframes
  3. Final Design


A special section is dedicated where it shows how the User interacts with the interface. Our challenge was to make this connection useful and inspirational.


An Impressive wireframe is created for the traveler to be able to make it easier to choose from a variety of tour options offered by the company.

South Africa becomes the best choice for a hot and wild destination and enjoy holidays at affordable prices.

An important to start the design project where will be added menu behaviors or different important buttons and modern graphics.

Final Design

We have built here a complete, and at the same time easy to select experience for every future traveler. With the help of this company, individuals and families can plan their safari vacations.

The menu includes a search tool where clients can explore available offers matching their interests, pictures associated with the the most amazing places in safari, latest safari tours and experiences.

A sharp approach to a stylish design that represents amazing pictures, breathtaking activities, info about the companies and their offers, reviews and tour packages.

Dashboard will show the best ratings of specific locations, the information on the the best tour operators, all to help him choose the perfect vacation destination.

Simple, elegant design to present articles and latest info which happen in a certain region where the client would like to travel. Personalized images to make it more attractive.

The goal was to give directions, present opportunities and help the traveller to easier make the right decision. In the Review section anyone can see what travelers are talking about.