Guest Crew is an excellent marketplace for guest bloggers to post the articles they would like to see published and build social campaigns. The blog owners can seek out the relevant content that they would’ like to share with their readers.

  1. Sitemap
  2. Wireframes
  3. Final Design


Provides an overview of the website content. Includes the Home Page, the Categories , About Me section and the Forum Page.


Guest Crew helps you to reach a larger audience. Comprises blocks created for campaigns, offers, messages, pro Advertising, settings.

Visitors can also see here the most recent notifications or the latest campaigns, trending hashtags and Testimonials.

Neutral colors like grey, black and blue were used to define the graphics. Contains sketches for the latest Articles and Archives for an improved and easier user experience.

Final Design

Guest Crew represents a platform for those who want to build a social campaign and look forward to be supported and backed up by other users. People who visit the site will be able to identify all the steps on how to start a blogging and social campaign.

Home Page Preview

Functional and an elegant design was created to delimit the design blocks. We have created the illustrations for Social Campaign in Picks, like How IT Works, Easy to Create or Statistics.


The Features and Advantages were presented through important functionalities including detailed info about prices, member blogs, how to start a campaign, where to get full support and how to get published in the Top Blogs.


Dashboard with comprehensive info on how to start a campaign, about the Offers, Features and Advantages.

For style guide we have used blue and grey colors from color palette to make the look professional. In this section you can see all the offers from different bloggers and a description of the site.

The visitor can decide if he likes and wants to accept a particular offer or to look for another one. Impressive icons created for each feature to better understand all the advantages.