Dashboard with many types of users and the ability to request and manage your laboratory results. It is used by more than 30,000 labs at academic institutions, as well as pharma and biotech companies, various medical practitioners.

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  3. Final Design


A section where are listed all the web pages of the site telling Google and other search engines about the organization of the site content.


One of the most important steps in the design process. Here is defined all the info needed to create the most important pages .

Contains the main blocks, created to be used as prototypes and additionally, for usability tests. Here are stated and emphasized the key features and project portfolio.

Here are listed the requests placed by clients, various documentation and public information.

Final Design

Every page is designed to increase tracking in your lab. This platform provides an engine to help your lab to get more done, in a quicker and more productive manner.

Lab Management Software

We have created a simple, responsive online experience for Labs X with elegantly interactive images. Labs X gives you the chance to add more details to your order like Price or Location.

Order History Screen

Created for people that inspire us. Support team can help you upload your data files or you can do it yourself. The client can access and review all his order history.

Organize Lab Activities

Dashboard with many types of users. Where your users can manage the requests for various lab analysis.

Manage your lab’s inventory by tracking location, quantity and much more. Improved user experience and designed new prototype for this client.

We have created a modern interface so that the user finds it easier to organize and enhance his lab activities. The platform gives you the tools to make your lab function most efficiently.