Lavamap has a successful web presence with an amazing web design for its end users. The product provides useful opportunities for real estate property sellers. It is an efficient and reliable digital platform.

  1. Sitemap
  2. Wireframes
  3. Final Design


Provides an overview of the website content . Includes the Home Page, the Categories , About Me section and the Forum Page.


It is a layout for Offers with carefully positioned info for all the clients. At the same time there are displayed the blocks for the Login and also the Profile Section.

Discover all the properties for sale and all available listings from one interactive map. Not only did we find solutions to all their requests, but brought to light even more creative ideas.

Shows when the a new property is available on the market in the desired location and of the prefered type.

Final Design

In a very competitive industry we had a great challenge to present this amazing platform as the best one - designed to alert and immediately notify the user when real estate property is available.

We helped improve and create some new beautiful experiences for end users of LavaMap brand. A refreshed design that puts out an attractive and functional look helping and guiding the client to find and choose the perfect property.

Our team had to tell a special and distinct story of this particular brand through a refreshed and appealing design.

A web Dashboard for LavaMap brand representing a history offers, prices and contact info.

The original ideas brought by our team in the current market trends help to easily find and access available property information creating a new website with exclusive offers.

We pushed the limits and came up with perfect the solution for LavaMap brand. The process was smooth and resulted in a successful collaboration with our design team.