Lax World

Online brand agency that provides a complete resource for the best names in lacrosse equipment , clothing and accessories. The client is able to choose whatever item he desires at the best price. From safety equipment to gear bags - get absolutely everything you need to stay safe while having fun!

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Provides an overview of the website content. Includes the Home Page, the Categories such as: Field Accessories, Apparel, Girls Lax.


Special info presented in this layout for clothing , accessories and equipment, the most popular categories and items, profile info.

The client can choose the best and most popular product from the featured products.

The clients are given latest news regarding lacrosse equipment. Displays also the products that are on sale and the stores where the client can find the desired item.

Final Design

Products, reviews , communications - all in one place. The design concept and objective of this project was to present to the customer the best way to find best product.

Featured&Popular Products

The main page of the website was designed with a single yet important objective in mind - functionality. Here it is easy to notice the header - simple but with a considerable utility improvement.

Choose Item Type

The unique personality of this amazing brand was preserved, while creating an attractive and refreshed image . Weekly updates and products promotions are delivered to subscribers’ inboxes .

Products Categories

A web design section Lax World business representing equipment , level of play and colors.

The responsive web design displays the products in an attractive way to suit all different needs, tastes and demands. The clients are notified about new arrivals.

To engage the visitors with the beauty of the game there are depicted the most important field positions. Stay sage while having fun!