An amazing mobile app for Android and iOS to add security and ease road safety concerns. Notify keeps millions of families and close friends connected. It is created to PROTECT and HELP the ones you love that are on the road.

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A section where are listed all the web pages of the site to tell Google and other search engines about the organization of the site content.


The visitor can access his account with the help of the Login In button and see many other info related to his search and his personal details.

Keep your family protected in the road with the crash response system. Notify automatically detects when a car accident happens and helps by calling the person in the drive's circle.

Chat with every person in your private circle, alert them or provide help if needed. Our design team offers an unique approach that enhances all user experience aspects.

Final Design

No more endless texts about your family members getting to a specific location. With Notify just open the App and instantly see every person in your Private Circle on the map.

Main Pages

Special design was created for each page for a great user experience. Chat with family members and friends about their favorite places to visit. Simplicity, creativity, utility and understanding. Get alerts about passing the road permitted speed limits, provide help info and stay in touch.

Main Page

You can see how clear and perfect are organized all the pages such as : People added to the App , Chat section, Editing places screen.


Chat List to communicate with friends and family. Alert screen if speed limit is passed. By pressing the according icon you can chat with more drivers in the list.

With Notify App response system you will always receive important notification from family members or friends, know when they have passed the speed limits.

Keep your family protected on the road with Notify App response system. By using the right typography and including different text styles and fonts, applying modern styles to headings .