Quick Key Mobile turns your phone into a scanner eliminating hand-grading of assessments, an excellent tool especially for teachers still working in paper-based classrooms, that lack a computer or the internet. Analytics and data exports are easily completed so that the teachers could stay focused on their students.

  1. Sitemap
  2. Wireframes
  3. Final Design


The Sitemap presents the account of the student and all his personal details. The teacher is able to create quizzes and manage courses.


Engage students with quizzes and other individual tasks. The Quick Key website is designed at the structural level with clarity and simplicity in mind.

Clear functionality for the FAQ section and simple instructions on how to manage quizzes for the students. Excellent graphics were created as well for the taken quizzes.

Student’s account can display when the quizzes were completed, the last bill and next billing cycle. We used the right typography including different text styles for paragraphs and images.

Final Design

We have used a modern, well organized and intuitive design for this site. For style guide, we have used green, blue, black, dark blue from the color palette to make it look professional.

It emphasizes the best way to make use of the software for professionals in the Information age. Quick Key turns your phone into an optical scanner to grade paper-based quizzes, tests, surveys.

Simplifies teacher’s activity by scanning the results. The recent Quizzes and the name of the person who took them, the course name, student’s activity log .

Dashboard Menu is where we have created the icons for preferences, courses, quizzes, students, and the reports sections for teachers to easier analyze the results of the quizzes.

The project’s main objective is to build an essential tool for teachers to help them identify students’ individual learning needs and track their academic progress.

The teacher can see the names of the students who have taken the quizzes and the score they have received. The professor can choose whether he wants to analyze the results.