ReferralMD is a national health care coordination platform that automates the referral workflow, the decision support, improves marketing outreach, and clinical event notifications. It makes easier the collaboration between patients and healthcare providers.

  1. Sitemap
  2. Wireframes
  3. Final Design


Provides an overview of the website content. Includes the home Page, the Categories, About Me section, and the Forum Page.


A special design is created for the wireframe guiding the user on how to accept and send referrals anywhere and to anyone using the platform.

The healthcare platform needed a redesign, the goal being to reduce the need for unnecessary face-to-face office visits.

Here are displayed the blocks for the Login and also the Profile Section. The stunning design and a responsive interface makes the platform attractive and easy to use for patients and doctors.

Final Design

Dynamically connecting doctors with patients referrals and an easy way to manage them. All the functionalities are organized to simplify your everyday work.

A visual appealing design for the greatest objective in the world : HEALTH: - how to help people choose from hundreds of doctors.

This product is designed by a professional team to make sure the process of collaboration between patients and physicians is transparent and more efficient.

Multi User dashboard to show patients’ and doctors’ profiles, to check out Referral Status and Appointments. One of the greatest healthcare management platforms

Cutting edge creativity was showcased in this section for building a broad reaching network of patients , healthcare organizations, and healthcare practitioners.

One of the greatest healthcare management platforms. After partnering with our design team the company has in the present an excellent customer service.