Our challenge was to put Rosenthal Automotive Group in the forefront of the industry as the best choice for all your Automotive Sales, Services, Parts distribution, and Leasing plans. Yconversion successfully collaborated with Rosenthal to create an outstanding experience for many clients.

  1. Sitemap
  2. Wireframes
  3. Final Design


The sitemap presents a Video Gallery of the cars, Models, gives the ability to select a dealership and many other important features. The filters in place help the client select and browse through a wide range of offers and options.


Comprises useful blocks created for early visual act. Wireframes represent the best advantage used by the client to review layouts.

One of the great advantages of wireframing is that it provides an early visual cue that can be used to easier approach and engage with the client.

The person who wants to buy a car is able to see the picture of the car and all its features like: Interior, Exterior, Price, Model, Transmission, Color, History, Fuel type or Body Style.

Final Design

Introducing to the world an innovative design through an amazing concept: a visual captivation and enchantment for the clients of Rosenthal Automotive Group. By creating an outstanding design for Rosenthal we succeeded to present it as one of the leading brands.

Dealership Selection

Our professional team led the design strategy and created an incredibly successful approach for dealership selection. Easy to use, responsive, and creative.

Select Car Model

With our strategy and approach, we have succeeded in providing an amazing design solution for Rosenthal Automotive Group - a design with a unique user engagement that creates a delightful experience for the client.

Rosenthal Mobile Version

Complete info on how to start looking for the right car, auto part, leasing plan, dealer, but also , info about the latest Offers, other Features and Advantages.

By creating an outstanding design for Rosenthal we succeded to present it as one of the leading brands. The collaboration on the project and the new design concept resulted in a simple, appealing and refreshing experience.

We have positioned Rosenthal ahead in this competitive industry via a distinctive color palette, applying an innovative and authentic approach.